Reopening May 22nd with breakfast being served!
We are following guidelines, precautions and doing extra cleaning. Please call to make a reservation or ask us for more details.
TELEPHONE: 330.893.3003
Call to order yours today!
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  • Abe’s Room
  • Carol’s Room
  • Carol’s Bathroom
  • Choreboy’s Room
  • Grandpa’s Room
  • Leon’s Lookout
  • Leon’s Bath
  • Leon’s View
  • Marvin’s Mecca
  • Sara’s Suite
  • Sitting Room
  • Dorothy’s Domain
  • Fannie’s Room
  • Grandma’s Room
  • Naomi’s Nook
  • Faithful Friend’s Room
  • Paul’s Place
  • Paul’s Bath
  • Famous Friend’s Room
  • Favorite Friend’s Room